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Everything We Know About Restrictions for The Event Industry

With more than a year of COVID-19 restrictions behind us, we are all eager to get back to normal life. During pandemic event organizers were delivering events in unique and innovative ways. Many of us have tried to bring back a little party in our lives with the livestream events or attend events sitting in a car. And finally, the end of the tunnel is near — Ireland’s Prime Minister Taoiseach announced the roadmap to lifting the final restrictions. The remaining limits for live events will then be raised on October 22!

To help keep you informed, we have put together a round-up of all of the information we know so far and what safety measures we will have to take at our Biggest 90’s Disco event to keep everyone safe.

First full-capacity event after the pandemic

We are happy to announce that after a long break, Biggest 90’s Disco is coming back to Dublin, 3Arena. The party with A-list music stars will take place on October 23 and it will be the first full-capacity event after the year-long restrictions.

As of government announcement, all the limits regarding live events will be lifted on October 22, making masks, COVID-19 testing and vaccines recommended but not mandatory. So, this means everyone can attend Biggest 90’s Disco. As of 22nd October, there will be no specific regulations for both the arena and the promoters. More information regarding restrictions lifting should be released at the end of September or early October. Biggest Disco event organizers will keep you updated.

Ultimately, we take serious precautions and want to keep everyone safe in the event. We will follow Ireland’s government health recommendations during event.

Lose yourself in the Biggest Disco party

The time has come to shine your dancing shoes and fluff your rara skirt and start practicing the words of your favorite 90s songs because on October 23, you are going to relive your disco fantasy again!

Reserve your dance floor space and celebrate the end of pandemic together with us!

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